• Punishment And Underage Drinking

    Punishment And Underage DrinkingA lot of young individuals between the ages of 12 and 20 have tried some sort of alcohol. According to centurycouncil. org, in the age group of 12-20 year olds, approximately 6.9 million (18%) reported having engaged in binge drinking and 2.1 million (6%) in heavy drinking. The amount of drinking that is happening with underage drinker should be declining, but with the unimpressive numbers, underage drinking is out of control [Read More…]

  • Learn Why Your Addictions Are Controlled by Your Subconscious Mind

    Learn Why Your Addictions Are Controlled by Your Subconscious MindHas your addiction ever made you do something and you looked back and said, “I don’t understand why I did that. I’ve always said I would never do something like that, and then I did it. Why?”

    A lot of times it was the very thing you disliked in your parents’ lives. Your momma was taken advantage of by her drug addicted boyfriend, and then you get involved with [Read More…]

  • Leadership Means Picking Good People

    Leadership Means Picking Good PeopleThey say that the ability to delegate is the true sign of a leader and with this fact known, it is still amazing how many people mess that part up. Leadership psychologists have often tried to figure out why leaders fail and why they fail to dedicate correctly.

    Teddy Roosevelt once said; “The best leader is one who has a sense to pick good people to do what he or she wants done, and enough restraint [Read More…]

  • The Making Of A Good Leader

    The Making Of A Good LeaderOf all the positions you can get or hold in your professional or social life, the most satisfying one will be that of a leader. Everyone who heads or commands a group considers him or her to be a leader. But not all who have the authority to command others can be called leaders. Good leadership has certain attributes about it and only those who possess these attributes can become good [Read More…]

  • Where Do You Want To Go, As A Leader?

    Where Do You Want To Go, As A Leader?How can anyone expect to lead in any type of meaningful manner, until and unless he begins with something he wants to achieve or accomplish? Before anyone decides to become a leader, he must decide and determine not only his objectives, but WHERE he wishes to take his organization. It is often said that every great leader began with a dream that transformed to a vital and vibrant vision, which then created a form [Read More…]

  • Goal Setting – 7 Easy Tips For Happiness & Success With Goal Setting

    Goal Setting - 7 Easy Tips For Happiness & Success With Goal SettingGoal setting is the key habit that successful people practice on a daily basis. It is what helps keep them on track and achieve great happiness and success.

    If you are lost and not knowing what you should be doing next in your life.

    Then read on and apply these simple tips for setting goals and watch your life change for the better.

    Here are 7 Easy Tips For Happiness & Success [Read More…]

  • The Drawbacks of Setting Goals

    The Drawbacks of Setting GoalsIt may seem difficult to imagine that there are drawbacks to setting goals but certainly, it’s understandable that just as there is a good side to all things, there is also a negative or downside to all things. Even setting goals.

    What could be a drawback of setting goals? Here is a list of the top seven drawbacks of setting goals:

    One: Fantasy: you set impossible goals. [Read More…]

  • Communicate in 2008 – Communication is the Key to Success

    Communicate in 2008 - Communication is the Key to SuccessFew would disagree that communication is the key to success, in fact, if you ask the top CEOs and Business Leaders the most important skills to succeed in their jobs, they will definitely list communication as one of them. Any good politician, nonprofit group leader, coach, military commander or educator will tell you the very same thing. Think about this for second, [Read More…]

  • Replacing Reasoning With Rhetoric Rarely Makes It Right

    Replacing Reasoning With Rhetoric Rarely Makes It RightAfter more than three decades of consulting to numerous industries and not-for-profit organizations on a variety of topics and subjects, including management, marketing, leadership, operations, conference and convention planning, negotiations, etc., I have come to recognize that most businesses and organizations suffer from the safe recurrent obstacle, when it comes to getting something accomplished. Especially [Read More…]

  • Inspired Action is The Key to Efficiency

    Inspired Action is The Key to EfficiencyI adore efficiency. The smarter I work, the better I feel.

    During a recent car ride I listened to an audio series I haven’t listened to in years. The medium is cassette tapes so that gives you a clue of how long it’s been! It is Lynn Grabhorn’s “Excuse Me… Your Life Is Waiting.”

    In listening I was reminded of the idea of tasking vs. inspired acting. With to-do [Read More…]